Sunday, October 01, 2006

Watch What You Think


It is very important to cultivate total awareness about what you think.Ok! let’s examine what is going to happen if you are not aware of what you are thinking?

If you are thinking about you past failures and worrying or, if you are thinking about some mishap which took place in the past you couldn’t do anything about or if you are regretting the unpleasant behaviour in a past event from someone ,then what are you achieving?

Similarly,if your mind is wandering unrealistically in future or,if you are dreaming about some future event without assigning any time limits to them,or if you are having the imaginations of teaching someone a lesson just because you are prejudiced against him and you want to get even with him,then what are you achieving?

But,if you are aware that whatever you are thinking is taking you towards your specified
Goals, Aims and Targets, then you could said to be living in the present.If you are able to “ Watch what you think”,if you are able to apply a filter to your mind so that your thoughts are more & more matured and streamlind towards your aims and goals nothing will be impossible for you and you will be able to achieve the highest results in your life.

During the day after every 60 minutes, ask yourself “Are my thoughts taking me towards my specified Targets ,Aims and Goals?”

If at any particular time you find that your thoughts are not in accordance of your Aims,Goals and Targets,then streamline your thoughts immediately and start thinking about your Goals, Aims and Targets and analyse whether you are moving towards them or are drifting away from them.

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